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Leadership assessments are the best way to pinpoint your areas of strength and weakness. On the surface, we all realize we may have a few weaknesses. If we can get specific about these weak areas, we can take corrective actions to improve. Likewise, when we can precisely identify our strengths, we can use them to mitigate our weak areas. Both of these outcomes help to improve our leadership effectiveness.

The greatest value of participating in a leadership assessment (self or 360-degree) is that we gain specific information about our behaviors and this in turn helps us determine how to proceed with leadership development. In other words, our development efforts are focused, which saves us time and energy – something that we all want as we work to be the best leader we can.

We have worked leaders at all levels and across a variety of industries over the last 15+ years, and have observed that the most successful leaders take their leadership development se
riously. Using a tool to assess leadership behaviors and skills provides the data needed in ongoing development and helps to stay focused in areas of greatest need.

Self Leadership Assessment

self assessmentIf you want affordable and focused leadership development driven by data, we suggest you start with a self-assessment. In the book, The Leadership Compass: Mapping Your Leadership Direction you can access such a tool. Additionally, the recommendations and resources included in this book are valuable in creating a personal development plan based on your self-assessment scores. For more information about leadership competency and self-assessment tools, see the Leadership Competency.

360-Degree Leadership Assessment

360 leadership assessmentIf you want to take your leadership development to the next level by gaining the perceptions of people with whom you work closely, contact us for more information about our online, customized 360-degree leadership assessment. We have used this tool for over 10 years in multiple university settings and have had great success, from the most senior leaders to mid-level leaders.

Important Reminder: If you want to know how effective you are as a leader and what areas you should focus on improving, measurement is one of the easiest ways to accomplish this. The results and subsequent development focus are valuable to not only your career, but can also benefit your personal endeavors.

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