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“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.” — Albert Einstein

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Don’t Let a Lack of People Skills Bring You Down

Leaders need people who willfully and aggressively follow their lead to achieve success. People skills are essential, but unfortunately, the lack of skills in this area leads to the demise of many leaders. The competencies described below cover a wide range of skills...

Leading to Achieve Positive Results

Leaders are expected to produce positive results for the organization. They do this by achieving their personal goals and objectives while leading their team to do the same. Effective leaders focus on the competencies that lead to positive results. While having...

Personal Character – Succeeding With Honor

The most effective leaders excel in this category. We can think of many leaders who have been strong in the other three competency categories, but a failure in personal character brought about their demise, such as Richard Nixon and Ken Lay (Enron). Most character...

Leading With A Persuasive Vision

When we think of someone leading with a persuasive vision we usually think they are brilliant in their actions and communications because they achieved something extraordinary. Having a persuasive vision is a powerful tool for self-successes and organizational...

How Leadership Skills Apply to You

When we are speaking to groups, we commonly ask members of the audience to raise their hand if they are a leader. In most cases we observe some hesitation and then about two-thirds of the people in the group will raise their hand, with the exception of senior...

3 Steps to Achieve Stellar Results

We should all want to achieve stellar results personally, organizationally, and for our customers. The new year brings an eagerness for new and better results and is a perfect time to gain clarity in how we will achieve these desired results. Whether or not you have...

Goal Setting for 2016

What goals do you have for 2016? Goal setting is the mechanism that helps us attain something that we want to take place. Goals can be numerous in any given year - looking for a new job, releasing a new product line, improving your health, buying a new house, or...

Planning Success

Planning success gets results. Almost everyone desires to be successful – professionally and personally. Those organizations and individuals that get clear about what success looks like and what needs to be done to achieve success, attain their goals. Planning...

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