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“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.” — Albert Einstein

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Showing Thanks and Appreciation

It is that time of year that people remember what they are thankful for and to most of us it is the best time of the year. For whom should you be thankful for and show appreciation? There can be a long list – customer, suppliers, family, friends, and so on. But, as...

Understanding Leadership Levels

I recently heard Brandon Wright on his excellent radio program, Wright Stuff Radio (, talk about leadership being a component of the responsibilities a leader has at 4 different levels – Self Leadership, Family Leadership, Community...

3 Behaviors to Authentically Lead Teams

Have you ever been to a meeting the boss has called and asked the entire team to come up with solutions to solve a problem, make something function better, or make an important decision; then, only to find out at the end of the meeting the boss has already pre-determined the solution the team will implement? Unfortunately, this is common behavior observed in the workplace. What are the possible reasons behind this behavior and what are 3 behaviors leaders can incorporate to authentically lead teams?

5 Leadership Lessons from Football

Boise State 84 – University of Tennessee Martin 14!!!! No, that was not the final score, but it easily could have been. Boise State (BSU) played their second and third-string players much of the second half. Had the starters stayed in, even through the third quarter,...

#1 Strategy to Increase Leadership Effectiveness

There are a variety of methods used for training leaders with billions of dollars spent annually. According to the American Society for Training and Development 2012 State of Industry Report, $87.5 billion was spent in 2011 on internal employee training. With this...

Ben & Sidney McDonald - Leadership

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