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“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.” — Albert Einstein

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Are You Committed to Diversity?

Fifty years ago today Martin Luther King Jr. gave his "I Have A Dream" speech in Washington DC. Since then, diversity conversations are common in the workplace and in our communities. We ask the question, are you committed to diversity because in many instances...

Intentional Leadership

Intentional leadership occurs when each action or interaction a leader takes is done with a precise goal in mind. In other words, there is a plan or purpose for every action and interaction. Intentional leadership should encompass the ordinary activities organizations...

Are You a Selfish Leader?

As executive coaches we sometimes must ask hard questions of leaders because their actions affect others – sometimes, many others. So, are you a selfish leader? We suspect most people will answer this question by saying, no. But before you answer too quickly we want...

Can we Achieve a Mutually Respectful Society?

Can we achieve a mutually respectful society despite the fact that we are different from the person next to us and every other person on our planet? Our uniqueness consists of what we believe and what we do not believe; the color of our skin or hair; our language or...

Leadership Character: Does it Matter?

Does leadership character matter? A President is impeached for lying under oath about his adultery. CEOs are fired for cooking the books. A company receives funding for a project knowing they cannot succeed. A CEO lives a lavish lifestyle with a golden parachute as...

Teamwork, Not Blame When Problem Solving

Can the example of our government leaders be any clearer that teamwork is needed to solve difficult problems? When faced with a difficult problem, do our leaders come together to negotiate and creatively problem solve? The following example indicates that we are in...

How to Effectively Influence Others

What are the ethical ways to influence people? There are a number of tactics but the most common are described below. To effectively influence, it is important to reinforce a simple rule. When influencing others, use the influencing tactic that will work with them,...

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