Time to Renew Leadership!

The renew leadership movement was a step we knew we needed to take for the benefit of all current and aspiring leaders.  Renewed leadership in our organizations, families, and culture is needed now more than ever. We look around and see too few examples of good leadership and many examples of failed leadership. It is getting much worse for our countries, corporations, churches, and families; aRenew Leadershipll in need of strong, character-driven leadership.

What does renew leadership mean? To renew means to begin, to make effective, to restore or replenish, and to revive. We feel that leadership must be the focus to save our organizations, society, families and individuals. We want everyone to focus on how to be a better leader in 2013. Renew leadership is not just for leaders in companies, but for everyone from top to bottom in all walks of life. We can all stand to improve.  We feel the future of our country, our society, our economy, our workforce, and our families depends on a renewal of effective leadership.

Our contribution to the Renew Leadership MOVEMENT takes many forms:
  • Renew Leadership by writing The Leadership Compass: Mapping Your Leadership Direction to guide willing leaders to success. This book is foundational for all current and aspiring leaders who wish to be the best they can be for those they lead. It is data driven and provides step-by-step instructions to improving leadership.
  • Renew Leadership by launching the Renew Leadership website to serve as a resource for leaders from all walks of life, levels and cultures. The Renew Leadership website is meant to be a community of growing and committed leaders that are actively engaged in leadership development and in helping others be successful leaders. Our goal is to be a community of leaders who desire to grow and to help others grow.
  • Renew Leadership by promoting the Renew Leadership website to encourage everyone to join in the discussion for the benefit of many. We will reach out to the local, national and blogosphere communities to get others involved. If you desire to be part of the renew leadership movement community, promote this website and help others around you so they can grow and renew their leadership. We can all benefit as we renew our leadership together!

We will blog, use social media, and reach out in person. We will no longer sit still! Now is the time to build a new generation of leaders who will not fail their followers.

Will you join us?

Time to renew

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